MRW Anti-racism statement

Maryland Romance Writers is a professional writers group comprising many skin colors, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, stages of life, and socially constructed racial identities. We recognize that some of us have experienced oppression and marginalization in ways that others have not. We aspire to live as members of a community, based in equity, and great diversity across all differences.

We are an anti-racist organization.

Simply “addressing” racism is too weak. Believing that we can simply end racism without doing the work is too optimistic. Our response to racism must be to challenge it, to confront it, to correct it. After the ethics violation scandal that rocked RWA to its core, the MRW Board pledged to host diversity and inclusion workshops and are contracting with a presenter to provide an opportunity for thoughtful learning to our members.

To our authors of color-we stand with you and hold you in our hearts during this time.

Black lives matter.

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